Kirsten Coco has been painting portraits in Houston, Texas, since 1984.  She is again available for commissioned portrait painting since completing her Reflections of Biblical Women series.  This series is a traveling exhibit that has been featured in venues around the country with the artist lecturing in conjunction with those exhibits.

Her portraits are distinctive because she includes personal details and important keepsakes that illuminate the attributes and personality of the subject. She creates custom portraits in oils in her unique style of rich detail and jewel tone colors. Kirsten’s images are works of beauty and love capturing the true human spirit.

Kirsten’s love of painting began when she was a young child.  She has always enjoyed the artistic process using watercolors and oils as a creative expression of her art.  Her current paintings are in oils but are painted in a Beaux-Arts watercolor technique, building the painting up through multiple thin transparent layers of colors.  Each painting requires hundreds of hours to complete, creating a luminous depth .

Kirsten (pronounced Shasten) has lived in many cities around the world.  After spending her high school years on a kibbutz in Israel, she came to Houston, Texas, where she earned her undergraduate and graduate degree in architecture from Rice University.  Having practiced architecture for fifteen years, she began painting professionally in 1984 and is a member of the Portrait Society of America.

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Member Portrait Society of America
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